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Toward Solidarity

Solidarity is famous as the union-led social movement in Poland that eventually led to a democratic government in place of Soviet Union domination. With the inspiration of the social teachings of the Catholic Church and of the philosophy of Leszek Kolakowski, the Solidarity Union was successful despite the Soviet-directed efforts to destroy it through martial law and legal persecution.

If Not Bernie Sanders, Then What?

If Bernie Sanders does not receive the Democratic Party nomination for President, what do we do? Most Democrats will fall into line behind Hillary Clinton. After much reflection, I just can't do that. Why? I simply cannot trust her. There is ample evidence that she is likely to support corporate interests over public interests; just the latest example points out her duplicitous ways:

Gun-nuts and Freedom

I had a jump in thought today: “Many gun-nuts have the right instincts.” Please hear me out…

Political Revolution

There is a lot of talk about "political revolution". Today in Springfield Massachusetts, Bernie Sanders called out for a “political revolution”. The actual meaning of this phrase was addressed recently in comments surrounding a piece in the Daily Kos discussion about the possible Presidential candidacy of V. P. Joe Biden. A number of commenters made the point that Joe Biden is weak tea, and a corporate sell-out as well. Where the discussion got heated was talk about the legitimacy of Bernie Sanders as a Democrat calling for a “political revolution”. Some do not support the idea of revolution, while others cannot trust a Democrat to bring it about. Those of us further on the left approach the phrase a little differently: as described by Citizens Against Plutocracy ...he’s (Sanders has) already hinted where the responsibility for political revolution must lie. It doesn’t depend on him; it depends on US. In other words, the election of Bernie Sanders is not an end, but a beginning. As Bernie himself said in Springfield Massachusetts today: “we are not running an election campaign, we are launching a political movement”.