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Brass in Pocket

What does it mean to “have” money? This is not so much an abstract question as a practical inquery. How does one actually “own” property? According to one definition there are two aspects to property: possession and control. “Possession” means just that, to have an asset (valuable thing) on one's person or in close proximity. This is a rather basic and naive way to “have” things. You can have a coin in your pocket, or under your mattress. Clearly, this is not as important as “control”.

You Could be a “Terrorist”

This is a disturbing story. Posted by Glen Greenwald at The Intercept:

Who Are These People?

In his recent article, published in the New York Times, Gary Hart proclaims that lobbying companies now constitute “nothing less than an unofficial but enormously powerful fourth branch of government.”

The onus is on us.

The checks and balances put in place by our revolutionary fore-fathers to protect us from oligarchic oppression are being corrupted or stripped away. Change is happening – but it will not be the way we want – unless we make the change. It should be clear by now that a new mindset is required to create effective changes today. Harder still, we will need to change our behavior.

Oak Flat: An Example of Congressional Corruption

Here is an example of what “our representatives” in Congress are doing to the detriment of citizens and our democracy. As brought forth in a New York Times Op Ed,