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Feeling Determined (cross-posted from Facebook, Thomas Auzinger)

Feeling Determined

 I used to be concerned about an event like Hitler's Reichstag fire decree, a Patriot Act on steroids, when a terrorist act excuses the suspension of constitutional liberties, that allows a politician to shut down newspapers, jail opponents, and eventually rule by decree. As long as at least two political views could battle it out, all will be well. Crimes against humanity, I argued, only happen in dictatorships.

The recent WikiLeaks revelations showed me how wrong I was. The coup that I was apprehensive of has already happened, and it was so gradual that no one noticed. Hillary doesn't have to shut down media outlets, she already aligned them on her side. Prevailing opinion is not achieved by force, but by overwhelming Chomsky style consent. Subtle negotiations with the FBI make her jail worries go away. In the face of global climate catastrophe she can stick to burning carbon, while protesters are thrown in jail by local authorities. This putsch, this coup was not one like General Pinochet against President Allende, defending the constitution alone with a machine gun. It was a gradual erosion of the checks and balances in government, a numbing against bold faced lies, so that the truth has no place to hide. The consequences are war, mass casualties, four lost years in an effective battle against climate change. Because of all of this I will not acknowledge Hillary Clinton as the democratically elected President of the United States of America, but as the head of an illegitimate regime like in any other Banana Republic.

The question is how do we resist, because resist we must, our conscience tells us so. Is it sufficient to look to prior champions against oppression, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or do we need to develop new strategies and tactics that can restore the rule of law and abolish the rule of men and women?
Keep carbon in the ground would be one concrete goal that puts us at odds with the regime. Six corporations control all media in the country. Can we break them up into 24 via Antitrust laws? These are just two examples of direct action. The movement that I hope will develop over the coming months and years will find its - our - own direction.

Thomas Auzingerfeeling determined at Hillborough Nj.

A Shape for Social Revolution

A Shape For Social Revolution