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How Do We Democratize Our Media?

This article was first published on Truthout on Tuesday, 29 March 2016 by The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program.

Jill Stein has an Identity Problem

Looking at the main page of the Jill Stein for President official web site, one of the very odd things that becomes apparent is that there are no hyperlinks to the “Green Party”. In fact there is only one mention of the Green Party: ”Why Jill is running for President with the Green Party?” and there is no link. It seems that the official site itself is not supported directly by the Green Party. I'm looking at the note at the bottom of the web page: “Paid for by the Jill Stein for President Committee” There is no link to this Committee either.

A Fork in the Road

In these days of decaying infrastructure the roads are crumbling. The Democratic Party had a chance to repair itself, to reinstate it's basic direction. Now that option is gone. Do we stay on a road that will lead us nowhere?

What Warren Wing?

What Warren Wing? 

With Bernie Sanders losing in Massachusetts by about 1 percent, I think that Bernie could have carried the majority, if only Elizabeth Warren had endorsed him before Super Tuesday. Warren's voice would have caught the attention of female voters here who have favored Hillary Clinton. And a victory in Massachusetts would have had great symbolic value for the Sanders campaign. Now it appears that Bernie has lost critical momentum.


A Change is in the blog

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