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Why Not-Vote for Hillary Clinton

The Status Quo has once again prevailed, yet it may be a pyrrhic victory. Now that it has been shown to all that the Democratic Party is owned lock, stock and barrel by the corporate establishment: the Clintons, Obamas, and the Wasserman Schultzes - Liberals and Progressives are once again being told to fall in line. This time the result may be different…. As the Democratic Primary comes to its railroad-tracked conclusion the Democratic Party faces a train-wreck.

TPP – Outside the Law

The TPP agreement consists of thousands of pages of text, much of it dense, and even trivial. Why was the text of this agreement kept secret from the public for so long, even as the House and Senate were forced to vote on Fast-Track for approval? It is my belief that this was done primarily to limit public feedback to their representatives.

We Need a Parliament

If we want a real democracy, ideally we would need to institute a parliamentary system.  Just for example, look at the progress made recently in Iceland with the newly-formed "Pirate Party":

Bernie's New Party?

Simple math, two parties are not much more difficult to corrupt than one. And THAT is what has happened. The "MoniedPowers" now control both parties. So, whenever we see a “bi-partisan” bill pass in congress, you can bet your last dollar that it is corporate-sponsored.

Unacknowledged Revolution

Unfortunately I am not talking about “Bernie's Revolution”. Instead our subject is the MoniedPowers Revolution, which we are swimming in – while being carried into uncharted extralegal waters. Hardly anyone speaks of it, least not on TV, but the signs are all around us. One of the more obvious signs that monied power is overwhelming is that it is nearly impossible to actually accomplish anything politically. “Politics” is people-centered, and Surprise (!), our democratic mechanisms are paralysed. Our governmental procedures and policies are controlled to such a degree by rich entrenched special interests that “we the people” have lost the ability to govern: our Senate and House are "paralysed".  But note that our military is not paralysed, our security state is not paralyzed, and the big corporations are not paralyzed. Most illuminating of all, certain radical business actions in congress somehow get passed! The passage of Fast Track for the TPP is like a flash of lightning illuminating an obscured landscape: when businesses want something done, despite the “paralysis” of congress, it gets done. Fast-Track for the TPP was approved with bi-partisan support. But we should call it “apartisan” support, since the motivating force buried in the “Democracy Show” is Money – the call of a power answered by all parties.