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Democracy - Nothing Less

Democracy - Nothing Less

As Donna Smith of Common Dreams rightfully points out: “...most of what we believe and hear is that Bernie supporters are demanding a different kind of governance – a democracy for all the people.” Nothing more and nothing less. It is little short of criminal that our media and our governing elite willfully ignore our central, primary political issue – money has killed our democracy and the people want it back.

Bernie all-the-way petition

Kshama Sawant, Seattle's socialist City Councilmember has launched a petition at which encourages Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders to do just that.  She states:


This would be the Dream Team,  Sen. Bernie Sanders running for President with Jill Stein as his running mate.  They could do this under the aegis of the Green Party.  Least anyone think that this is merely a dream, here is the text of the letter that Jill Stein sent to Bernie on April 21: