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World Upside-Down, cont.

Yesterday, Donald Trump declared his opposition to the TPP, saying: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another disaster, done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country. Just a continuing rape of our country.” But of course the main-stream media focuses on his use of the word “rape”. Meanwhile the Clinton-controlled Democratic National Committee's platform drafting panel appears to be backing away from Clinton's recent campaign stance against the TPP. The Associated Press reports:

World Upside-Down

Paul Ryan, Republican Speaker of the House: “We’re not going to take away a person’s constitutionally guaranteed rights without due process"   Ryan says this as Democrats seek to instill a government "watchlist" -blacklist that will do exactly that.  What has happened to the Party of Civil Rights?  It takes little imagination to see that an unlegal blacklist would soon become filled with political opponents and leaders of disadvantaged minority groups, in particular Muslim Americans.  We must realize that Due Process is the core of our liberal democratic government: Rule by Law; anything else is only the application of power, authoritarianism.

Open Letter from the Green Party: Keep the Revolution Going

We the undersigned urge your support – including your voice and your vote - for Jill Stein for President on the Green Party line as an essential, urgent step to continue building a true American revolution.

Bernie Sanders Defeated

Bernie Sanders Defeated

Sadly, Bernie is down for the count.  In today's speech live-streamed to his supporters his plans for "political revolution" took a back seat to defeating Donald Trump.  As transcribed by TheGuardian:  

You Might Be a Terr'ist...

You Might Be a Terr'ist...

The Council of American-Islamic Relations in Michigan filed a class action lawsuit in April alleging that use of the Terrorist Watchlist is arbitrary and discriminatory against Muslims. One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit is a 7-month-old infant, whose mother was stopped by airport security where the baby was patted down, subjected to “chemical testing,” and had his diapers searched — because the baby’s boarding pass labeled him a “known or suspected terrorist.”  Today, there being over one million names on the Terrorist Watch List means that just about one out of every 300 people in the US over the age of 5 is named on the list.  Documents published by The Intercept in 2014 showed that nearly half of the people on the government’s shared list of terror suspects are marked as having “no recognized terrorist group affiliation.”  It is probably only a matter of time before political dissidents begin appearing on the watch-list.  Clearly, these are not terrorists on the government blacklist, they are our neighbors and friends and loved ones.