Demise of the Democratic Party

Despite overwhelming evidence that deep reform is needed, the Democrats have continued down a self-defeating path. Regarding their internal politics, they have doubled-down upon their investment in failure by unanimously electing Wall Street-connected Chuck Schumer as Senate minority leader, together with approving the fabulously compromised Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. Then, to decorate the decomposing cake, they went on to install the Wall Street/Clinton/Obama sycophant Tom Perez over the grassroots-favored Keith Ellison as Chair of the Democratic National Committee.


OK, so that is Their internal politics. As for the Democrats' successes in opposing the Trump regime, there have been none to speak of - but then how could there be? The Democrats serve the same Corporate/Military/Wall-Street sponsors as the Republicans: Are there any Democratic calls for Peace in the Mideast? I have not heard any. Campaigns to rein-in the production of CO2 into the atmosphere? Uh, no.
The Democrats only recourse has been to engage in promoting slews of disinformation - going on and on about Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign – an involvement for which there is no evidence. But even if this nonsense was true – the Democrats' own failings still persist. The big question remains: where do Democratic interests lie? And the answer is, sadly, not with you or me.
What will the Democrats' next step be, as they slide slowly down and downward in the polls? We may see them start to usurp the messages of their opponents on the left. After all, there is virtually nothing in the Green Party platform that a good Democrat would refuse to mouth. But such an effort there is also bound to fail. People have simply lost trust in the Democrats, and in the words that they use.
As the Green Party continues to become more popular, gaining popularity in the political space left vacant by the Democrats, we will see a significant number of Democrats joining the Green Party. Yet some Dems may “join” in a not-so-productive way, joining the Greens so as to corrupt them and render them into something similar to the existing Democratic Party. The arguments by these pseudo-Greens will be that the Green Party has “failed” because it cannot raise enough money: “the Green Party will gain in power - if there is more money”. Thus there will be immense pressure in the party to receive contributions from sources that may not be working in the public's best interests, all in order to advance Green “success”. The Greens, and the people who truly support democracy, must be ever vigilant about taking money from interests that do not coincide with their own. If there is one thing history has shown us, it is that money and corruption are two sides of the same coin.


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