Ex Post Facto Bribery

In an earlier posting, I asked the question: “Barack Obama may be accused of forwarding pro-corporate policies to please monied political backers, but why should he be instigating the TPP when he does not need funding for reelection?” And my answer to that question was: “My thought is that the actions President Obama takes now pushing the TPP/TISA forward may be partially in repayment for past support for his election campaigns, and partially in expectation of continued contributions...”. Sadly, the latter part of this prediction has come true.

Now I believe that Barack Obama, and others like him, are probably more damaging to our democracy than people such as Donald Trump. I say this as a former supporter - anyone who has followed my early posts on DailyKos can confirm that I firmly advocated for Barack Obama as President for his first term. But President Obama betrayed us in a way that Donald Trump cannot. Barack Obama had almost pristine credentials: a middle-class upbringing, a member of a minority (black even!), a community organizer, Constitutional scholar and Harvard Law grad. Furthermore, his message – exceedingly articulate, advocated for greater democracy and the Rule of Law. There was almost nothing unattractive about him.
Of course, some precient folks on the left were on to him, well before I was even concerned.  So, I myself may not be the smartest guy on the block – but then few of us are - and this only amplifies my message.  President Obama was a charlatan who fooled 99% of us. And most of us to this day refuse to admit it. Now we have all learned recently that Obama plans to receive $400,000 for a single speaking engagement with the Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald. Is it really unfair to suggest that Barack Obama has the understanding and patience to wait until AFTER his presidency to collect upon services rendered? And then this incident is probably the first of many.
Now I would like to portray the Obama we should expect as our ideal: As ex-president he would explicitly oppose Trumpism – the policies that directly benefit the wealthy and our major corporations at the expense of almost all of us. He would continue with his community organizing and meet with representatives of the poor and middle-class, educating and encouraging them in their resistance.
At this point in our history, who are those most needing the prestige, power, and influence of a Democrat ex-president: major corporations, or the poor and downtrodden?


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