Mind Your Own Business

I got a truck with ya Zuck,
get the fuck out of my life.
Mind yer own business please,
Facebook knows when I sneeze, knows
my propensity for whiskey,
and my type 2 diabetes
Picken' pennies from my pockets,
a little help from my friends,
get the fuck from my life,
damn social disease.
My body of evidence
CEOs immense compense
So get your hand from my pants.
You don't know what you will find
Censor it, well, cop a feel,
and then let the police trespass.
mr. Mark Zuckerberg,
you ain't no friend of mine,
do ya find privacy on the sand
of your beach in Kauai?
m Zuckerberg, at least give me a chance
at ownership
of my ghost in your palace
Thomas Twinnings
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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