It is becoming clear that the TPP, TISA, and similar “trade agreements” are not in the best interests of American workers - to say the least. The texts of the agreements are secret, but Wikileaks has posted large sections of the TPP and TISA, and they are alarming in their implications. On issues as diverse as jobs, climate change, drug prices, and civil freedoms, the TPP/TISA will almost certainly move us in the wrong direction. My question is: Why would an American President, a Democrat, pursue such a thing as the TPP?

Many of us voted President Obama into office. Some of us admit to regret over that action. And some of us are just plain confused. As the august publication the New Yorker puts it: “Nearly every constituency in the Democratic Party opposes it (the TPP); and the more they learn about it, the more they oppose it. And yet their leader, Obama, wants it badly.” President Obama may be accused of forwarding pro-corporate policies to please wealthy political backers, but why should he be taking-on this initiative when he does not need funding for reelection?

 As we have seen in a previous posting, former President Jimmy Carter explains about our political process at the highest levels: “it’s just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president.” From the other side of the coin, Donald Trump has declaredI gave to many people, before this, before two months ago, I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And do you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me. And that’s a broken system.” But isn't President Obama theoretically above this corruption now?

 It has long been regarded as true that Money = Power. More Money leads to More Power. Of course leaving the Presidency would be a step down. But a good measure of power may be retained with the amassment of enough money and the maintaining of powered connections. As we have discussed in previous postings: “Non-profit foundations are increasingly being used by the wealthiest among us to sequester huge sums of money. “. Bill and Hillary Clinton earlier in their careers were not wealthy, but Now:Through 2014 the foundation had raised almost $2 billion from U.S. corporations especially Wall Street; foreign governments and corporations; political donors; and various other moneyed interests.”. Hillary was Secretary of State under President Obama and now Hillary is running for President. Is it not likely that the Two Billion dollars in contributions to the Clinton Foundation and the continuing political power of Bill and Hillary Clinton are connected in some way? Two billion dollars is quite a lot of money to have control over - control the Clintons evidently do have.

 So, what about President Obama? Indications are that President Obama may be setting up the same sort of thing that the Clintons have. The New York Times may be some help here. There is a “methodical effort taking place inside and outside the White House as the president, first lady and a cadre of top aides map out a postpresidential infrastructure and endowment they estimate could cost as much as $1 billion. ...The $1 billion - double what George W. Bush raised for his library and its various programs - would be used for what one adviser called a “digital-first” presidential library loaded with modern technologies, and to establish a foundation with a worldwide reach.”

 My thought is that the actions President Obama takes now pushing the TPP/TISA forward may be partially in repayment for past support for his election campaigns, and partially in expectation of continued contributions for his library, and more importantly, an international foundation. I expect that this new foundation will be momentous in its financing and connections. In this way, President Obama, including perhaps his family, will move on to continued significant political influence.


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